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With a large experience, we consider, enough to sustain the afirmation that services offered by our company are of exceptional quality, our group of companies ensure to his customers especially land goods transportation services but also through sea and air (through it's own expedition house). Our team is composed from people who have the satisfaction of well-done jobs, who knows that any business relationship is developed and maintained only by seriousness and professionalism.


Starting many years ago from a low auto parc with a small number of vehicles and employees, we approach a moderate and equilibrate development strategy, always looking to ensure to our customers the highest level of satisfaction, being convinced that only in this way we can ensure our own development.

The results come quickly and at this moment we have an own customer's portofolio who repeatedly ask for our services and any new customer benefit of all our attention

Recently our activity has grown into a new direction and in this moment we develop the transport operations through our expedition house, in this way ensuring to all our actual and future customers a larger range of services at the same quality.

Even that this presentation is not by far complete we hope that anyway you already have a first impression about our group of companies and about the way we develop our activity and we invite you to visit the pages of this website and if you have an transport inquiry or even an order to visit the page "Transport order"

We THANK YOU and we hope to have the ocassion to collaborate !


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certificat ISO 9001            certificat ISO 14001

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